Using Navicat Premium on Mac OS X

Navicat Premium on Mac

Navicat is a powerful database management application available on all plaforms including iOS. Since I’ve used Mac, I have been finding an DB managing application with beautiful GUI and powerful features and Navicat is the one.

Beautiful UI

Navicat was born with a beautiful and user friendly UI. Users can easily find the feature they want.


Make data visible

When I was uing Linux, I have to type mysql -u blahblah and select * from blah blah. Of course I should know what is being done when doing a query, but, 「simple is better than complex」, using Navicat feasibly makes the contents in database visible. Just click click click :)

Most important

Navicat is able to generate a Entity-Relationship Diagram from an existing database. It helped me a lot when I was writing my bachelor’s degree thesis !


Other features

Unlike phpMyadmin or MySQL workbench, navicat is a ALL-in-ONE application and supports any type of DB engine you use. Once you used Navicat, you wouldn’t want to use any other db manager anymore !

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